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Our lab and COVID-19 relief efforts

Our very own Samantha Mascuch on her efforts to help increase the supply of COVID-19 tests!

Featured Work






Marisa Cepeda was recently featured for her contributions to the defense of algal biofuel ponds from predators in the 2019 Sandia Labs Academic Alliance Collaboration Report. The full report can be found here with Marisa’s piece on page 18.

Lab News

Dr. Julia Kubanek was named Vice President for Interdisciplinary Research at Georgia Tech.  For more information on her new position, read here.

Dr. Emily Brown begins her postdoctoral studies at Florida Gulf Coast University with Dr. Mike Parsons. As a part of the Parsons lab, she will be assisting with isolations of new algae samples and looking at how the phytoplankton and macroalgal community might influence toxin production by Gambierdiscus.