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PhD Student

School of Biological Sciences

Georgia Institute of Technology


B.S. Biology and Chemistry, Agnes Scott College, Decatur, GA, USA

Gabi Chebli grew up in Miami, FL, and earned her Bachelor of Science degree in biology and chemistry from Agnes Scott College. There, she conducted research in both fluorophore organic synthesis and molecular ecology of barn swallows. After graduating from Agnes Scott, she took a gap year, where she volunteered with ecotourism kayak tours with Seaside Adventure in Kachemak Bay, Alaska and interned at the Lammi Biological Station in Lammi, Finland. Ultimately, her interests in chemistry, ecology, and phytoplankton led her to pursue her Ph.D. in the Kubanek Lab. Gabi’s research focuses on understanding harmful algal bloom (HAB) dynamics in the context of algal-bacterial interactions. Her overarching goal is to leverage metabolomics—the comprehensive study of metabolites within a given sample—to identify key molecules that may predict and serve as biomarkers for HAB onset. Her specific HAB system of study is off the coast of Orcas Island, WA, where she partook in two field seasons in 2021 and 2022.

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Nastassia Patin, Emily Brown, Gabriella Chebli, Claire Garfield, Julia Kubanek, Frank Stewart. 2020. Microbial and chemical dynamics of a toxic dinoflagellate bloom. PeerJ 8:e9493