PhD Student

School of Biological Sciences

Georgia Institute of Technology

Email: gchebli3@gatech.edu

B.S. Biology and Chemistry, Agnes Scott College, Decatur, GA, USA

I graduated from Agnes Scott College with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Chemistry. While an undergraduate, I conducted research under the direction of my chemistry professor, Dr. Thomas Morgan, to revise the structure of a class of natural products called hyloins that are found in the frog species Boana punctata. I also worked in the lab of my biology professor, Dr. Iris Levin, studying telomere length in adult barn swallows. I first joined the Kubanek Lab as an REU participant, working on a metabolomics-based project on harmful algal blooms. After graduating from Agnes Scott, I took a gap year, where I volunteered with ecotourism kayak tours with Seaside Adventure in Kachemak Bay, Alaska and interned at the Lammi Biological Station in Lammi, Finland. I am excited to return to the Kubanek Lab to begin my graduate studies in chemical ecology, and I am currently assisting with the algal biofuel ponds project and the maintenance of phytoplankton cultures.


Nastassia Patin, Emily Brown, Gabriella Chebli, Claire Garfield, Julia Kubanek, Frank Stewart. 2020. Microbial and chemical dynamics of a toxic dinoflagellate bloom. PeerJ 8:e9493 https://doi.org/10.7717/peerj.9493