Ghada M. Abdelwahab
Research scientist
School of Biological Sciences
Georgia Institute of Technology
B.Sc. Pharmaceutical Sciences, Mansoura University, Egypt
Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist, U.S.A
M.S. Clinical Pharmacy, SCU, Cairo, Egypt
M.S. Pharmacognosy, Mansoura University, Egypt

I am really fond of marine environment as it is untapped source of novel natural products that act as a corner stone of drug manufacturing. So, my master degree in pharmacognosy was on isolation and identification of biologically active compounds from marine-derived fungus isolated from the marine tunicate Phallusia nigra. Then, I started my Ph.D. in Egypt on elicitation of marine-derived actinomycetes and fungi under supervision of Prof. Ashraf T. Khalil and Prof. Usama Ramadan Abdelmohsen. The elicitation comes into very potent anti-MRSA results and a first isolation of the
natural bio-valuable compound (bromo-papaverine) which its biosynthesis will be explored. We aim at maximizing the results by chemical complementation through bringing the power of genetics to chemistry. Currently, I am joining Kubanek Lab as a research scientist ,working on the MicroED project which aims at discovering new bioactive natural products using a combination of modern techniques (including NMR, MS, molecular modeling) and a new approach based on microelectron diffraction (microED) in the lab of Hosea Nelson at Caltech in California. Also, metabolomics-based novel chemistry for some uninvestigated marine sample collections and some studies related to chemical ecology will be performed. The proposal is extremely promising with a great aim and it is very interesting to me.


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Abdelwahab, G.M., Mira, A., Cheng, Y.-B., Abdelaziz, T.A., Lahloub, M.F.I., Khalil, A.T., (2021) Acetylcholine esterase inhibitory activity of green synthesized nanosilver by naphthopyrones isolated from marinederived Aspergillus niger. PloS one 16, e0257071.

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