Shreya Kothari
Ph.D. Student
School of Biological Sciences
Georgia Institute of Technology
5 Year B.Tech – M.Tech in Biotechnology Techno India University, 
Salt Lake, West Bengal, India 
Born and brought up in India, Shreya moved to the US in Fall 2022 to pursue research. A biologist by training, she is interested in studying microbial interactions and their potential to mitigate ecological stress and disturbance by using molecular biology and chemistry as tools. Currently, her efforts are invested in discovering naturally produced biosurfactants and/or bioemulsifiers from microbial candidates for effective remediation of future oil spills. Outside academics and research, Shreya enjoys cooking, crafting, taking walks, and dancing like nobody’s watching. Her superpowers include munching through a party pack of chips bag within minutes and falling asleep to award-winning movies.